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Re: OF saddles

I have been reading the jabs at OF saddles and the quality going down hill
on ridecamp.  I own 4 OF and like them a lot.  However, the dealer I have
always gone through has quit selling for them too and is now selling a
saddle similiar to OF with a flexible panel.  I have seen the new saddles
but have not ridden in them.  They are custom built and the craftmanship is
beautiful!  The quality is outstanding and best of all you get to design it
with specifics such as cantle , horn, type of fenders, rigging choice,
stirrups etc.!!  I was very impressed with the quality of the leather and
craftsmanship it is worth a look.  For more info please email Christy at
  Christy also sells Mt. tack for long distance and gaited horses.  She has
always been very easy to work with and is a wealth of information.
  Best Wishes.........Lisa in Enumclaw, WA
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