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white line disease & treatments

My farrier was out saturday to Alpines feet, and upon pulling his left front 
shoe and doing a little trimming, announced that Al had some white line 
disease.   I'm not overly excited, after all, this IS florida and it has been 
doing the wet/dry/cold/hot every other day thing.  I think I am lucky that 
this is all he has.  However, I am wondering about different treatment 

We opened up the area (it's not large at all....) and I am spraying Nolvasan 
in it once a day as a treatment now.  As far as I know, there isn't a much 
better fungiside that is as safe and easy to get.  The main question I had 
was that my friends vet suggested upping the protein in his feed to around 
16%.  We are on a 12% pellet right now with about a handful of alfalfa cubes 
thrown in just because. Why would an increase in protein make any difference, 
other than maybe his feet would grow a little faster.?????  Anyone have any 
ideas here?

Juli & Alpine (I don't like my feet sprayed!)

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