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Fwd: RC: Re: Re: melanomas and ulcers


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Well, I had all 3 of my horses scope for ulcers before the Neverswets 55 at 
Comstock Hospital, they are doing a study on Ulcers in Endurance Horses.
All 3 had ulcers after the ride, one a grade #1 and two a grade #2. Six out 
of the 
eight tested had ulcers. My horses showed no signs. My Vet told me not to 
any drugs that this is very common, much more then we think. And they will
heal by them selves. If any one is instructed they can call the Comstock 
1-775-849-0120 they need more endurance horses, they scope before a 50 ride
and after, do a complete physical and blood work up, and its FREE.
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