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Campbell Paragon Endurance Saddle - Suggestion?

Hello Kathy,

Read about your quest for a particular saddle on RideCamp. I ride
English and do trail and endurance. I bought - new - less than 30
minutes ride time - a Swiss made S343XL Courbette "Futura"
AP/Dressage/Eventing 17" saddle. It has the new "E" Motion Panel Concept
Design and does away with the need for a Master Saddler. It flexes with
and molds to the horse's back and withers. It is "also" supposed to fit
a variety of horses. One exception. My steed is mutton withered and
requires an "extra-wide" 34/35cm treed saddle. Additional information
and pics available if interested. This is an $1150.00 saddle. Asking
$675.00 plus $25.00 shipping and insurance.

Ruth Abair in Texas

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