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chondroitin and glucosamine choice dilemma

Thanks for all of the responses.  Let me add some more fuel to
the discussion.  Oh by the way, my vet recommends Cosequin, but for the same reasons that M.D.'s recommend prescription meds???
Again, new horse owner, only met my vet once.  There is another
product called MD's choice and they say they do not use
Glucosamine HCL because the HCL must be exchanged in the body with a sulfate molecule before glucosamine can be used in the
joints.  They use a sulfated form of glucosamine, not acidified.
"MD's Choice does NOT use Chondroitin Sulfate (which is
extracted from animal by-products and is too large to go
directly into a joint to be used [that whole macro-molecule thing
again]).  Studies have shown (so they say)that up to 98% of
glucosamine sulfate is absorbed when taken orally.  I'm awaiting
their response to my request for a copy of their studies. Good
to live in America isn't it?  Let the buyer beware.

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