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Re: Fwd: A Tevis mile for Helen Logan

Sylvia, and Ridecampers; this is such a wonderful idea. What an honor for Helen and her family , and what a benefit to help preserve the Western States Trail.  I'll never forget how Helen prerode Tevis with us last year right after she had chemo, and she was so sick. Nevertheless, she spent a good  three-four hours in the saddle showing us the trail so we wouldn't be lost at night.  I hope to hear that we get the mile real soon!  Love, Beth Glover

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>Subject: Fwd: A Tevis mile for Helen Logan
>Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 11:52:12 EDT
>Several people have asked me about donating in Helen's name. Jeff Hurton and
>Debby Lyon suggested adopting a mile of the Tevis trail in Helen's memory.
>Following is Jeff's letter to me which summed up the idea pretty well. If
>you're interested in doing this, the address is at the end of his e-mail.
>I rode with Henry this past weekend and he is doing about as well as can be
>expected. He mentioned how overwhelmed he was by the attendance at Helen's
>memorial service and by the flood of cards that he has received since then.
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