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Re: RC: leatherwood

Time out! Time Out!

You're right on the ride times....Sorry.  I'm did this Sunday nite after
the ride and I was beat!  This was from a handwritten list.  Think what
I posted was COMPLETION time of day.  Sorry....Try this...

Mark Elliott	7:29
Lois Finley	7:29
Karen Clark	8:23
Joe Edwards	8:31
Michelle Owens	8:57
Jim Holland	9:09
Duane Barnett	9:09
Jerry Fruth	9:09
Sarah Engsberg	9:09
Allace Farrar	9:22
Nelia Reuter	9:26
Pat Oliva	9:36

Sorry....I think I'm alive today...

Details in seperate post.

Jim and Sun of Dimanche

Susan Kain wrote:
> i too agree that the times posted for the 50 were incorrect! i think
> those times may be the first 25 miles for the 50. i completed the 25 in
> 4hr 11 min and we wasted NO time, stopping only for water and lytes. the
> course WAS faster than i thought it would be but NO WAY could a 50 miler
> finished in the time posted. it was extremely challenging and nothing
> like i've ever done before. AWESOME. this ride was definitely not for
> the faint hearted. GO cowgirl GO!!!!! calgirl
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