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Leatherwood Extreme Challenge 25/50 Results

Leatherwood results below....unofficial, of course.  If I spelled your
name or horse wrong, I apologize in advance...this is from a handwritten
list from Abby...Don't know who won BC in the 25...forgot write it down. 

This is an awesome ride..will post ride review at 11:00..

Jim and Sun of Dimanche

50 Miles

21 Started, 12 Finished

Mark Elliot				Fabio			3:24
Lois Finley				Twister			3:24
(Mark and Lois tied for first)
Karen Clark				General Jeb Stuart	4:18
Joe Edwards				Marco			4:26
Michelle Owens				Raff-Torra		4:52
Jim Holland				Sun of Dimanche		5:04
Duane Barnett			`	Always Sassy		5:04
Jerry Fruth				Jabask Knight		5:04
Sarah Hunt-Engsberg			Koweta Bobbkat		5:04
Alice Farrar				Sarajevo Sultan		5:17
Nelia Reuter				Zaubaa Saif		5:21
Pat Oliva				Cinnamon Kid		5:31

BC - Mark Elliot - Fabio

25 Miles

Sharon Becker
David Smith
Deborah McClary
Patsy Gowen
Amy Smoot
Adria Gowen
Kelly Haslam
Liz Sine
Bark Becerra
Karyn Becerra
Ann Stuart
Jenifer Lowery
Susan Kain
Doty Sutton
Tom Yarbrough
Lucie Hancock
Ruth Stanley
Roger Rittenhouse
Jeanne Bowes
LIndsey Adams
Samantha Thomson
Sandra Thomson
Samantha Thomson
Sandra Thomson
Holly Rodgers
Windell Rodgers

30 Started, 24 Finished

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