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RE: Howard's Fears

Suzie Hayes's Mother was telling us about this ride. I can't remember the year or many of the details but it was a "ride-to-the-ride", compete, and ride home again thing. might have been the first year they did it as she was a youngster at the time....maybe suzie could be coerced into passing along the real story??.....
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Actually the March 2001 issue of The Morgan Horse -
there is a picture on page 104 from the October 1952 cover that
shows three famous Morgans at the 'annual 100-mile ride in
Woodstock, Vermont.'

The Vermont 100 was a famous ride; I remember reading about it in Western
Horseman back in the 1940s.  It was, as I believe, a 3-day 100, but an
endurance event nevertheless.


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