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RE: riding cross country

most of the people on this list could do it in a day.  If you are packing and using pack animals, 20 miles a day is reasonable.

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Has anyone rode cross country???? I'm thinking of riding from my
house to my sisters house, it will be about 100 miles apart.. it will
 mostly be small 2 lane hwy. in rural Ga. and Tenn.  my question is....
 how many miles can I expect to ride each day?, right now I ride
 about 20 miles each saturday in the mountains but that is riding
 from about 9am to about 3-4 pm.  what time of day do I need to
 make camp each day?  how much feed to I need to take
 with me???   Like I said this is just a thought... but I have thought
of doing this for several years now.  Any help would be
 appreciated.... rhonda

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