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Re: RC: Please Read: Health concern

As an equine sports massage therapist, my take on this problem is that
your mare probably has very tight muscles in the girth-box area.  Try
palpating that area, i.e., running your fingers over the skin - from the
elbow back - following the hair's grain.  Does that irritate her? 
Massaging that area will, very likely, make her more amenable.  Of
course, a massage therapist would probably do a great job desensitizing
that area and the whole horse.  I bet there are very tight, as I call
them, "guitar strings" of tight muscle bundles there that need some
unknotting.  Please let me know what happens and if I could help you

Karen in PA

On Mon, 26 Mar 2001 16:41:59 -0800 ""
<> writes:
>My 8 year old mare seems very irritable lately.  When I cinched her up 
>the other day she struck out at me with her hind leg and got me in the 
>thigh.  She is extremely irritated when anyone touches near her girth 
>area (even the most gentle).  There is no hair missing there so I 
>don't think she was kicked, but I have no idea......
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