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Re: Foreign interests>

Re; Randy's info, I am glad to hear that decision was reversed. That is way to close for comfort. I have felt for some time that "our" sport was getting sold down river at an alarming rate. And while some individuals are reaping big pay-days with an occasional big horse sale, the VAST majority, the MEAT of AERC is  about to be shafted, The assault is coming  at a regular and fast growing rate. The "A" in AERC stands for AMERICAN!  Competing on a world level is one thing. Go for it if you want. I'll crew for you!! But selling our soul is quite another. Recognize the difference.  I really resent the feeling of possibly being dragged into an unrecognizable, money oriented sport, that I can not possibly participate in, by people I don't even know! There are a growing number of extreme self serving interests in our midst's. BEWARE, when the door slams shut it will be to late. You will have only yourself to blame.  If you are a member, and only do a few rides a year, don't think you don't count, you are "IT" You are the vast majority, you are AERC ! And you need to learn the issues, and speak up. Grass roots is a term often bandied about, but it is what we really need to strengthen. There are a few good old die-hards that have fought hard to keep it rite, they need more back-up. Annie George
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