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Re: Garlic question: powder vs. granules

Hi Cindy,
I, too give all my horses the powdered garlic form Springtime (expensive
isn't it?). I do so in the hopes that it will help to repel flies. Last
summer, the fly population was down but I am not sure if that was due to the
garlic or just a lower fly year. I do know that all last year I only took a
few ticks off of the one horse who attracts ticks like a magnet. So in
hindsight perhaps the garlic was effective.  When I first gave the garlic to
my horses, they would not touch their mash. Even when I left it in their
feed dish all day. I tried masking it with all of the things that they
liked. So I took someone's advice and started giving it to them in very
small quantities mixed in their morning mash. It only took a week or two and
they were gobbling the mash even with the full allotment of garlic. (They
all smelled like Italian horses). I found that I had to do the same thing
with the beet pulp which they now are eating but they are not yet addicts.
Don't give up on the powder yet. Just back off and start verrry slowwww.
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> Last summer I was unable to get my gelding to eat powdered garlic (from
> Springtime) with his grain.  He's already been treated once for Lyme, and
> vet said garlic might help repel those little monster deer ticks that love
> his hide so much.
> The plan for this year is to administer it to him in soaked, shredded beet
> pulp (we're ready -- I've created a beet pulp addict).  But someone has
> suggested to me that horses are more likely to eat garlic granules, rather
> than the powder.  Before I ask the barn goddess to feed Jack his beet pulp
> soaked each day, I'm trying to find out if the granules are as likely to
> help as the powder.
> Anybody know?
> Cindy & Jack (she loves it when I have garlic breath)
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