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Re: RC: staying awake

In a message dated 2/25/00 9:12:14 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< This may be a simple thing for all of you really energetic, hyper riders
 out there, but I've been wondering......On the mountain type 100 mile
 endurance rides (is that what is called the "technical" ride?) How do
 you stay awake?
 Do you just run on adrenaline? Sleep on the horse & hope that it doesn't
 spook out from under you? Grab a quick nap? Realize that the
 front-runners probably don't have that problem, but what about the rest?
 Any ideas? >>

Night time on a horse is a world all its own.  To me, at least, time loses 
all meaning, and the horse and I just exist in our own little bubble world, 
just moving along in each other's company.  I find it very relaxing, but it 
doesn't put me to sleep--actually, it is rather refreshing.  But boy howdy, I 
can sleep all day Sunday afterward!


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