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Re: 3 day gas out

What gullibility...kinda like the primitive peoples thinking their noise
making ceremony stopped the worm from eating the sun during an eclipse.
What are people thinking?  OR, WHY aren't they thinking?   Good grief.  

Besides, having petrol prices climb to $2/gal and HIGHER is the only way we
are likely to look at our petrol-glutted culture and decide we can invent
other sources of energy/energy efficient autos/etc...which are right out
there but no one is motivated to use them because gas is dirt cheap.  We've
been warned many times before that the oilman has a noose around our necks
but we, grasshopperlike, ignore it until it starts to squeeze.  Diversify or
croak.  Where's my french-fry oil?  

Sally in Floyd

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