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Mark & Darolyn's or Bust!!

Denise Jenkins
Hi Everyone:) 

I have not had a nervous breakdown yet in preparing for my "big"
trip and new job in Texas, thanks to God and the wonderful people
on ridecamp:) My final decision on the route to take is from
Woodburn OR South on I-5 to Weed CA and then down thru Susanville
Reno down to Beatty where I'll be spending my first night at John
Bass' Burro Inn.  I am hoping the weather doesn't slow me down too
much thru the Highway 89, Susanville/Reno area!  From Beatty on
thru Vegas and then South to Phoenix, El Paso, San Antonio, and
on into Houston.  Not sure which city to stay in next but El Paso
looks to be about halfway between Beatty and Houston so I may try
there:) If there is anyone along this route that wants to offer
a phone number just in case I need help I would appreciate that
very much.  Thing is though, I have an excellent little Pickup,
new tires, well almost:), getting it tuned up and oil change this
weekend.  Also, I have my "attack" dog with me!  She is Pekinese,
Pomeranian, Maltese and Shi tzu(never know quite how to pronounce
that last one let alone spell it)!!  All is going to be fine and
I am so anxious to work with Darolyn and the gang at Cypresswood!
Thank you again all of you that wrote, offered your homes and
just offered your encouragement:)  Denise Jenkins, homegrown 
Oregonian,soon to be a Texan!!  Happy Trails to All:) (departing
on Monday 28th, hope to arrive Humble Texas Wednesday night. On
or about the 11th my horse Cayenne will be brought to me:)

    Check it Out!    

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