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RC: Uckele's Cocosoya Oil

Barb Peck
From  Barb Peck   

       I used Cocosoya oil for about a year for both my horses.
I only fed about 1/2 C day per horse, just to make their
grain more tasty, because I add supplements to the 3/4 lb of 10%
commercial grain they get twice a day cause it's a pretty dry
grain mix without the oil. I don't really use the quantity of 
oil you'd need to,  to increase the diet's fat content greatly,
so I can't comment on that application.

       Cocosoya will hide the taste of just about anything
added to the grain... like supplements.
My finicky mare, who can separate *salt*  out of her grain,
will gobble up anything if Cocosoya is mixed in.

       Being the researcher that I am though, I switched back
to raw, unprocessed, cold-pressed corn oil because it had higher
Omega-3s than Cocoyasoya,  but I think Cocosoya is a really really
good product.  Much Much better than any store-bought processed
corn oil, which by the way, neither of my horses will touch.


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