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It's a Revolution

Went out to the feed store today, picked up some cheap hay and a few bales of 
that expensive alfalfa.  Took it all back home, put it away safely in my 
enclosed stall that I use to store hay.  I then let the horses out and went 
to my porch to do some painting.  I find if I have some work to do around the 
house the wife doesn't bug me to try and fix stuff that ain't fully broke yet.

Anyhow, I'm painting, drinking a beer, sneaking a cigarette every so often, 
and I notice Dance Line has his head, kinda pretty far into the stall where I 
just put the hay.  And this Paint I have named Princess is next to him 
helping him do something.  My eyesight isn't as good as it used to be, but I 
swear I saw the two of them, working completely as a team, lift this bale of 
alfalfa that had to weigh over 60 pounds over my 4 foot gate.  This gate 
closes the stall making the hay unreachable, or so I thought.  The two horses 
then dump the entire bale of expensive alfalfa hay on the ground in front of 
them.  Rebel just stood around and supervised; he must be a reincarnated 
Postal Pit Boss.

I swear I've never seen two more awnry horses in my life.  Course this helps 
prove my theory that Saddlebreds are crossbred with Giraffes. What a neck!  
What a reach!  I mean I could swear I had those bales at least eight feet 
away from that gate.

I had to let them all eat it for a while before I went over there and spoiled 
the fun.  Just thought I'd share that with you fellow horse nuts.


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