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Save our Trails & Clemson

Fellow Ridecampers,
I have been reading the comments today and glad to see that some folks are
responding.  I'm nearly always disappointed that trails issues (when posted)
don't generate much discussion.  Gee folks, with no trails, there will be no
trailriding of any type---- endurance, LD, NATRC, ECTRA, etc.  It won't
I suggest all of you look at the big picture and what we as an industry or
recreational group can do about making ourselves heard.  Part of the problem
is that we are to far behind in this game - just look at how large and
powerful groups like the Sierra Club are.  What have we got that is
comparable?  Nothing.
Going to the OVETS program was an eye opener for me.  See I'm the lucky one
in Va where trails are growing due to the new interest of our state parks
system.  BUT, we don't know what may happen to our beautiful mountain trails
that may be affected by the Roadless Wilderness Initiative.  I realized I've
got a lot of homework to do to even begin to understand the ramifications.
I strongly encourage all of you to try to come to the Southeastern
Equestrian Trails Conference (SETC) at Clemson in May.  When it was held in
1998, Ridecamp was really supportive of this program (remember we even took
up a collection to send representatives to the symposium).  While the
program is geared towards the SE states this year, I don't think there will
be any presentations that will be so regional in nature that someone from
another area wouldn't benefit.  Please take a look at the agenda and goals
for this symposium and give some serious consideration to helping us build
the national voice that we need.  The web site is  Please note, you can
also bring your horse and go riding during the week of the conference on the
nearly 100 miles of trails adjoining the campus.  Gene Wood is doing a
fantastic job putting this program together for us.  Please let's take

Sally Aungier
Virginia Horse Council Trails Committee

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