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Re: RC: spooking arabs theory

Now, I know this is a list of mostly arab owners, but I have to object...  
there are not only arab eating boogers, but paso eating boogers too!!!  

For example:
Paso eating wind gusts (bet you didn't know they carried in paso eating 
Paso eating armadillo's
Paso eating kids on motorized miniature cars....VERY SCAREY THINGS
Paso eating trees and branches
Paso sucking dark spots on the trail....can't step there!
Paso eating turtles
and of course, my absolute favorite, sure to come with spinning, snorting, 
and bouncing....
Paso eating butterflies (no, i don't know why my horse is afraid of 
butterflies....but he always spooks at them)

So you see, items on the trail don't just spook arabs, but also paso's.  So 
remember next time your riding and your horse does the "arab teleport trick"  
that it's not just an arab thing....we paso owners must contend with these 
monsters too.  I sometimes wonder about the true reason paso's and arabs have 
long manes....must be for handles during time of monster attack....

Juli (ahhhhhhhh!)
Alpine (look out mom!!!!!  It's a horse eating butterfly!)

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