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Re: RC: New Born Foals

In a message dated 2/24/00 8:03:57 AM Pacific Standard Time, 

<<  My vet also told me to give the mare ivermectrin within 48
 hours of foaling and said that should hold the foal over till worming at
 1 month with ivermec. >>

If the ivermectin is going to be effective against Strongyloides (which 
migrates into the udder at around the time of foaling and is passed directly 
to the foal in the milk) the current recommendation is to give it within 12 
hours of foaling.  The easiest thing to do is to carry it in the foaling kit 
and give it as a part of your post-foaling routine--right after you've made 
sure baby and mare are both ok, treated the umbilical stump, etc.


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