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Re: RC: Re: Re: "instant pads"

> Here's the dumb question for the day --- did you have to hold the horse's
> foot up for the full 15 min, or could you duct tape the goop after a bit
> some duct tape across the bottom of the hoof to hold the stuff in until it
> fully set)?

    Not a dumb question at all.  The stuff comes out of the 2 part tube and
mixes in a special tip as it is squeezed out.  Just like epoxy mixes.  It
comes out fluid enough to run quit well and fills all the voids. But it
starts setting immediately and gets a solid set in 1 minute or less.  I duct
tape the back of the foot before applying so none runs down the heel and all
over my hand and the horses foot. The other sides are held in by the shoe.
I have 3 pieces of duct tape ready and taped to my arm. As soon as the
initial set, 1 minute or less, I put duct tape across the bottom of the foot
and then put the foot down. The stuff stays tacky and soft for many minutes,
like the 15 I said above. Without the duct tape you'll get rocks and dirt
all stuck to it. And then I think these imbedded rocks tear it up more and
it doesn't look good.  But maybe for ice traction that would be a plus. Kind
of like studs.  Anyway thats how I do it.
     Without helpers you have to use a new tip for every foot, with helpers
to hold 3 feet at a time you can use a whole tube with just one tip.  Tips
are about $1.00 each.  But the foot holders have to be able to hold a foot
upside down LEVEL.   This is where most people can't do it. If the foot is
sloped all the stuff will flow to that side and it doesn't look good or stay
as well. Plus it might be an unsymetrical load on the foot both landing and
weight wise.  Somebody made a comment about easyboots being hard to use, I
don't think this stuff is any easier, probably harder, since I do use
easyboots too. I really like it, but just like all good things, it requires

Jim Mitchell

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