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Re: RC: composite horseshoes and poured pads

Has anyone used the Marathon shoe at that site? Looks like an enlarged
bar shoe with knobs on it for traction (I guess) - seems like it would
provide good protection of all but the frog - wonder how it does on
traction. I can't tell if it's metal or rubber from the various pics.


"" wrote:
> Jennifer Nice
> I have found a combination of products that significantly reduces concussion. My horse can be a real "pounder," and with steel shoes, I could feel the force over hard-packed surfaces coming right up through his front legs. I switched to a composite shoe called an Anatomic, specifically to reduce concussion, and I use a poured-pad compound called Hoof It. The product covers the sole of the hoof and offers excellent protection, yet is somewhat flexible. It sets quickly and doesn't get too hot. Furthermore, the pads can be removed and repoured without affecting the shoe. The Hoof It company has a website,, for more info about the products.

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