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Re: Re: older campaigners

> Heidi disagrees and thinks I'm nuts (she's sure the horse has been in a
> trailer accident when we've had them all their lives)

It was really strange.  I've had Bubba all his life and he had been hauled
in that trailer in that same stall for several years when he started doing
this. Eventually he quit fighting the trailer ( if we took off really quick,
he was too busy standing up to fight) and was back to his old dependable
self.  Once he grew enough hoof to get a shoe on, the grinding was no longer
a problem, either. Now he's in a stock trailer where he can spread out a
little more. No problems..........yet!
   The only thing I can think of is maybe an inner ear thing affecting (or
is it effecting) his balance.
Lord Ti? (bg).

Maggie Fleming
Under a Shooting Star Farm
Bubba-travlin' guy

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