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RE: ride managers

But Terre:
With out the Endurance News, the rule book, the vet manual and the like how would the "day managers" know what was pertinent or the rule or important in conduction the management of a ride? Where would they get the information? If they were just to be a figure head, and I see many of these, then the elimination of the benefits of membership might be appealing. I f the ride is to be well managed then either the real manager should relinquish the pleasure of riding and really manage the ride or if riding is more important than managing, employ a caring, competent, conscientious day manager. To often this is not accomplished.
It is like having the Ride Manager also act as the Vet. Distinctly against the AERC Rules but, in fact, very often circumvented.
Using a day manager is like running a business with ..., well I was going to make a comparison but if you tried to run a business that way you would fail in the first week. Thankfully rides do not last longer.
Bob Morris
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The rational for the requirement of Ride Managers belonging to AERC was that with non-managers there was no method of control. The non-manager could do as they liked, rules be damned., and AERC had no control. The Ride Manager who rode and had a "day manager" who was not a member could just slough off any problems by saying "well he is not an AERC member so did not know". We had to stop up that loop hole.

Yes, but they could have a cheaper,'non-riding' membership, since they have no points to track and don't need a years worth of Endurance News, etc. Ride manager of record is still, at least morally, responsible--if there was a non-riding rm category, all they would need from AERC is the rule book and forms, no?


The lower fee for Vets was to try to get the vets interested in endurance riding and to become more familiar with the AERC requirements as well as the necessary expertise for the care of endurance horses.

I was gratified to be able to answer promptly. I said I don't know.
Mark Twain

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