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RE: ride managers

The rational for the requirement of Ride Managers belonging to AERC was that with non-managers there was no method of control. The non-manager could do as they liked, rules be damned., and AERC had no control. The Ride Manager who rode and had a "day manager" who was not a member could just slough off any problems by saying "well he is not an AERC member so did not know". We had to stop up that loop hole.
The lower fee for Vets was to try to get the vets interested in endurance riding and to become more familiar with the AERC requirements as well as the necessary expertise for the care of endurance horses.
Bob Morris
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Subject: RC: ride managers

Here's a question for you guys, perhaps before Convention (altho I think it's probably too late for this year):

I am in an area where there are not that many endurance riders, and even fewer rides. So quite often, the rides are put on by avid endurance riders who, of course, would like to ride their own ride and therefore have a Day Manager. The Day Manager, like the ride manager him/herself, has to be an AERC member. This means purchasing a full membership (including delivery of Endurance News, Yearbook, ballots, etc) for someone who has no interest in the sport except for managing the one ride. (Often these people may be the owner of the property the ride is on, or a non-riding spouse, etc.) It adds to the cost of the ride (which must be shared over a small number of riders), and is essentially a 'waste' of a membership (IMO). Do you not think there should be a membership option for "non-riding ride managers" just as there is one for "non-riding vets"? Obviously, there are no points being tracked, or anything. The recent thread about 'oldest ride manager' reminded me of this--how many ride managers do you think there are that don't ride? Do you think this is a significant enough issue to warrant consideration?

I was gratified to be able to answer promptly. I said I don't know.
Mark Twain

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