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Horse Feed 101

We currently have a 10 year old Paso Fino mare at our place that we
rescued/purchased this past December.  We have floated her teeth (horrible
shape with raw sores inside her mouth when we got her), had fecal samples
checked and appropriate worming done, brought her current on all shots and
eased her into a feed program to gain weight and started minimal

Due to some health issues my husband (read - beloved barn help) is currently
dealing with, I'm reducing our herd and have elected to sell the mare to a
friend of mine.  I would like to inquire what packaged feed most people use
that they would recommend to help this mare on her weight without having her
bounce off the walls.  I'll have her working under saddle for an additional
30 days before the owner takes delivery.

I have orchard grass hay available to all of the horses throughout the day
and alfalfa hay used in a limited amount.  The feed I'm currently using is
MoorMan 13% pellet.

Thanks - Sue
Tom & Sue Fritsche
in Middle Tennessee

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