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Saddle for sale

I have a Tucker saddle that I am going to part with.  Since I have gone
from gaited to Arab, this saddle is just too long on an Arabs back, and
is not made for posting.  However, it is probably the most comfortable
saddle I have ever had by far. It is Tucker's Plantation Trail saddle. 
It is brown with dee drop western rigging.  The underside is wool and the
underside looks brand new.  The saddle is in excellent shape.  It is the
most comfortable ride I will probable ever have.  I would not part with
it  if it fit my Arab, I guarantee.  I am asking $700.00 firm.  I paid
$825.00 for it last year, bought used from the Tucker headquarters.  It
looked brand new when it was shipped to me.  If you know anyone who wants
an exquisite trail saddle at this good price please e-mail me privately. 
Thanks.  Terri O. 

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