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Re: RC: Far Outtt Forest, With the Kid: Part Five

In a message dated 2/17/00 6:09:24 PM Eastern Standard Time, 

<< It is **unsafe** for your horse to be a hyper guy at the vet checks. 
 For the PR people, and the vet, it is truly life or death.  It is not 
 about anybody being able to do "better" than you with your guy.  You 
 should be on the same side as the vet, for the vet's safety.


You make a good point and I probably should have worked harder on those 
paragraphs.  Trust me, the vet or anyone near my horse was in no danger.  I 
do know about being on the side of the vet, she just moved too quickly, from 
side to side, for this tired ole man to keep up.

Orange cap made things worse, not better.  Dance is a gentle fellow, he just 
likes keeping an eye on his buddy, as does his buddy like keeping an eye on 
him.  Some guys just don't like the anal check, it hurts.  lol.

Howard (still can't get those twinkies out of my mind)

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