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Moving To Texas!

Denise Jenkins
I have accepted a job in Texas working for Darolyn Butler.  I am
not going to move my horse there and want to sell him to someone
in the Northwest.  It would be very hard on him to get acclimated
plus the fact him and I have not bonded and most of you know the
problems I've had as he has always been too much for me.  I was
going to keep him and continue working with him but this job is
what I've been looking for for a long time.  And, as Angie put it
so well, I haven't done him any favors by keeping him when he and
I haven't been a good match.

I am asking 1600 for him but will take offers into consideration. 
He is 12 and lots of energy and very sound! 14'2, about 900.  
Needs an experienced rider but is well behaved and responds
perfectly to a well trained horseman/woman! Zero bad habits, 
excellent breeding.  I've been the only problem this horse has 
ever had:) Must be a "cash up front" deal.

Thank you Everyone:)  Denise

Cayenne can be seen in Oregon between Oregon City and Molalla on 
the Equiss Valley Ranch.  Call for appointment at 503-266-4687 or
email me at

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