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Re: Step stools was Far Outtt Forest, With the Kid: Part Four

>Maggie-Be very careful with the step stool.  Last April I took a very
>bad fall when my young horse backed up into the stool-got his foot
>caught, bucked like crazy to get away from the stool and I and the stool
>went flying.  I still have the hematoma to proof it.  Use something
>solid as a mounting block or just look for a higher piece of ground or a
>stump to stand on to help you mount.  

I have a gray step stool that has a hinged lid and space inside of it for
tools, grooming supplies, etc. and a hinged handle on top that lays flat
when not being carried.  Even without anything in it, it's heavy enough
that the horse won't kick it over or get tangled up in it should he start
dancing around when you start to mount.  I believe I got it thru one of the
tack catalogs...but it's been so long that I don't remember...I could've
gotten it at a home supply store like Eagle or Home Depot.  It's only a
single step but works well enough since the one step is fairly high.  I
like it a lot better than the Rubbermaid step stools which I *have* had a
horse flip over because of their light weight.  I have a 3-step mounting
block in the arena that I bought at a marine supply store...the kind that
are white with non-slip tread material on the steps.  They're pretty pricey
but really get me up high enough that I often don't even need to use the
stirrup to get they're heavy and won't move if they're bumped.

Tyee Farm
Marysville, Wa.

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