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Re: not endurance related,Email practices.

Dede:  I have another interesting question.  I used to receive the digest
form in one long email that I would scroll through, but since shortly after
the new year I have received the digest as a number of attachments.  Are you
receiving the digest as it was last year, as one long email?  If this is a
setup problem at my end, would someone please tell me about it.
   The answer to your question about why mail to ridecamp includes the
sometimes lengthy original mail, is that some people think is important to
do so, but others, I can only imagine, just don't know how to set up their
email so that it doesn't repeat the original mail in their reply. In most
cases it is a simple UN-checking of a box in the setup.  It used to be much
worse, but I think we are all slowly getting to know the email process a
little better.  Some people used to include the HTML version of all their
posts as well.  See how improved we are!  We will soon be Y2K friendly. {;>)

  Sherman, in the North Florida backwoods community of Gainesville, BUT not
this weekend, 'cause I've gone skiing in W.V.  Yeehaw!... poor abandoned

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