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re: trails maintained by short women on short horses

How about tall women on tall mules!!!  At Mt. Charleston year before last, I
stuck a bunch of pine twigs into my helmet holes and up my sleeves and in my
collar just before getting into camp for lunch.  Every one broke out
laughing when I told Claire that she needed to mark trail on a taller horse.
I think they got the message.  I didnt bump my head as much the following
year.  Of course maybe I just learned how to duck better!!    gesa n clovis
n skye
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From: Claudia Provin <>
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Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2000 4:18 PM
Subject: RC: Re: Re: Far Outtt Forest, With the Kid: Part Four

>) I swore the trails were maintained by and for short women
>> riding 14-2 horses.
>            They probably were---sounds like its time for tall men on tall
>horses to volunteer some trimming time!!!   (G)
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