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Re: RC: Nurses and tattoos

In a message dated 02/16/2000 1:36:25 PM Pacific Standard Time, 

<<  but for those of us who
 not wanting one I think a medical info packet carried on yourself is
 agreat idea
 if you feel that your medical status warrents it. I am not neccesarily
 for it being
 mandatory for riders. Maybe for the ones that take special meds or have
 conditions that >>

Neither am I. This whole thing has gotten so screwed up. I never said anyone 
should get a tattoo, I never said someone should carry a medical info packet, 
I never expressed my opinion about tattoos at all. All I said was that a 
friend of mine who is a nurse has pertinent information tattooed on what is 
left of her chest (having had it cut open for emergency open heart surgery) 
and it got blown totally out of proportion. 
I KNOW many people think tattoos are disgusting (I don't -in fact I have a 
nice one.) but it sure torques me when folks start putting words in my mouth 
and then chastise me for their words.
 Those of you who don't want to get a tattoo, DON'T. No one is chasing you 
around forcing tattoos on you. But don't slam someone who is trying to take 
to prevent more problems in the emergency room by having one put on her own 


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