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Re: RC: almost the end of twinkie chat

In a message dated 2/16/00 1:39:02 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Sandy!  I would love to be in the room when Whitney reads all those posts 
 realizes that people thought she didn't "get it".  Too funny.  Thanks also 
 for clearing up the issue about kids reading this stuff and being scarred 
 life.  Frankly, I think most kids if they did read this would a) Not get it 
 at all and think we were putting salt on our twinkies (stupid grown ups) or 
 b) Totally get it and think we were all like waaaay too immature to bother 
 with in the first place.  You guys HAD to know that a few RCers just would 
 physically incapable of letting this subject go by without kicking it around 
 a bit.  I think its a hoot that Maggie and Carla of all people should find 
 this objectionable!
 Sylvia  >>

I, for one, AM scarred for life! Kids! Warning! Don't try this at home! 


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