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RC: Re: Salted Twinkies???

oh but they do get *squashed* and the cake part and the cream part  are
then kind of one and the same and then you're reduced to just licking
them off the wrapper - of course throwing a squashed twinkie away is
just not an option - what a waste _that_ would be:)

twinkie lover - uh, of the storebought kind....

Sue Brown wrote:

> Hhhmmmmm...the twinkies I remember from my youth were in the grocery store
> in a cellophane wrapper and were sweet...and oddly shaped like some other
> anatomical part. ;-)
> And to try vainly to make this somehow endurance related...the store bought
> kind might be a good trail food since they supposedly have a never-ending
> shelf life, might provide some quick energy, and never get old and stiff.  ;-)
> Sue

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