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Re: Tevis Misc. Services List

Sam, thanks for the note.
> 2-14-00
> I own a company called Bio-Nutrition Laboratories.  We are introducing a new
> product at this time that might be of interest to your organization.  The
> products is EquiFresh, it is a highly palatable electrolyte tablet for
> horses.  It is designed and formulated to allow riders to easily provide
> electrolytes to their horses in small doses frequently, thereby helping to
> prevent dehydration and maintaining proper electrolyte balance.  We are
> targeting the equine athlete.  If you are interested I could send more
> information. EquiFresh will be available from animal health dealers and
> veterinarians in April.
> Sincerely,
> Sam DeArment

If you would like to have the product listed on the Tevis Services page, please
send along a sample writeup.  Meanwhile, I have cc'd the Ridecamp Endurance
Riders Listserv.  Members of the list may wish to contact you for details.

/richard goodwin, teviswebguy

    Natalie's Barn & Breakfast    1-877-NATBARN

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