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Re: ridecamp-d Digest V00 #257

In a message dated 02/14/2000 4:33:56 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< Does this mean we have to just live with our horses flitting all over
 the trail? No - there are lots of methods out there for getting your
 horse to pay attention to what you want instead of doing what they want
 which is RUN! >>

My gelding has been known to  spook..he's the type to do a 180 and then stand 
bugeyed. Only when he saw the horse eating llamas did he actually bolt. 
When we're riding, I ride him in a hackamore. Do you think if I were to ride 
him in both a hackamore, and a bit, and use the bit only when I think he's 
about to spook?
I usually have some warning that he's going to blow...I ride bareback, so I 
can easily feel him start to wind up. 
I have to be real easy with a bit. When I got him, he was constantly ducking 
and rooting, throwing his head in the air, doing everything he could to avoid 
the bit. And I'm NOT heavy handed. I finally convinced him that I would NOT 
hurt his mouth if he just let me see in it...and I discovered why he was so 
head shy. One of his tushes had been torn out long ago in some accident (you 
should see the scar on his jaw) and so he is very leery of bits. 
Once I started riding him in a hackamore I never had another problem with 
him. But I can easily ride him in a hackamore and only pick up a snaffle rein 
when I think he's not paying attention to me.
Any thoughts on this, campers??

Michelle and Jordan (mom, I only spook when I smell dragons lurking in the 

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