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Re: RC: Dressage Riders

I wasn't implying that dressage riders are snobs -- in fact I study with a
grand prix rider who I think walks on water (or perhaps rides on it).  I
was poking a bit at some ride campers because of the way opinion shifts
with the wind.  A month or so ago people were proud of riding dressage:
this month people are calling dressage riders snobs.  

At 06:50 PM 2/14/2000 EST, you wrote:
>Never thought of ourselves as snobbish.  Maybe just exhausted.  
>Kody does lead 2 lives. We muddle through 25 and 35, & have one top ten in a 
>fifty.  We did a pitiful #5 in novice CTR last year.  At the same time Kody 
>was earning  USDF #2 All Breed at training level & picked up IAHA Regional
>in Dressage while still lame from Oklahoma CTR ride the week before.
>kay moore

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