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Re: juniors

I guess since I never thought about it, I should have done some research
first...Jenny has only done some LD (one in which MY horse took BC and I
was the only one that received a score one else did) and on our
only fifty together, only Best Condition received a score sheet.  We had to
go ask what our scores were but were never given a copy...shouldn't we get
these if we ask for them?  I guess since we never got the score sheets at
that last 50 is what made us think maybe juniors weren't considered for BC.
 I don't know.  I have heard it said that BC is only a subjective
(political) consideration rather than an objective look at the horses and
their overall condition.  I would like to think not (rose colored glasses
firmly in place here!) but what can be done?  I have seen some BC scoring
done on the spot (the top half anyway) as horses come in and some done in
secret long after the tenth horse was SHOULD it be done?  I
haven't seen anything consistent really but remember I am a newbie and
haven't seen nearly as much as some of you have!  BTW, thanks for
encouraging my daughter that she could actually win a BC with her horse as
a junior.  I feel it would be more beneficial to her "endurance career" to
build herself up as a junior before she HAS to move on to the senior
division.  (She would like to ride on her own! ) Even though she is solid
as a rock (doesn't look like she weighs what she does!), I don't think she
would score well against the heavyweights (myself and her stepdad
included!).  Not meaning to start any heated discussions here, just trying
to learn a bit more about BC scoring for myself and my kid!  Thanks!

Maggie Mieske
Mieske's Silver Lining
10601 S. Richards Rd.
McBain, Michigan 49657

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