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Re: RC: Far Outtttt Forest, With the Kid: Part Three

In a message dated 2/11/00 10:54:40 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

<< Dear Howard, you *are* going to be disappointed when you see how I
 compete with good knees.  Have you ever read my story, "It ain't over
 till I'M over?"  I'm *not* known for going fast.  I had knee surgery last
 summer.  I was lucky to finish rides at all...I went out and went fast,
 to get the heck off of the trail before the knee went out.  Now my other
 knee is giving me fits.  I'm going tomorrow to see if the Dr. will
 schedule surgery.  So, if you want to race me, it better be before this
 sucker heals...cause as soon as I can enjoy a good posting motion, this
 cantering stuff is over!  100's here I come, ahhhh 8mph. :-))

Boy can I relate, had elbow/wrist trouble and scheduled surgery around the 
Kansas World's.  I said "doc, I want to be well enough to have a good time, 
but not well enough to be back at work".  Not only did he do a good job on 
it, he wrote my restriction's for returning to work so rough that they 
wouldn't take me with them and paid me for several more weeks to be off.  


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