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Re: RC: Far Outtttt Forest, With the Kid: Part Three

>I take my nap and dream.  I dream of Angie.  It's not a sexual dream,

You have no idea what a relief that is!

>Angie's a southern endurance rider, who has done quite well in the
>50's.  As >far as I know she and her horse aren't 100 mile material,

Sorry Howard, Kaboot and I have done 100's,  like them, and have every
intention of doing more.  They're far more my style than racing 50's. 
I'm not daring enough to keep that up.  You just met me coming back from
knee surgery last year.  My goal for this year is to concentrate on doing
100's if I can get my knees fixed.

>Besides being an endurance rider, Angie's also a writer 

Only if you define "writer" very loosely.  By the way Howard, you should
appreciate this predicament...I now teach at the same school with my old
high school English teacher.  She should be proud of me...I went on to
actually be a published writer...but all she can remember is the "F" in
conduct she gave me my senior year....FOR JUST ONE SMART REMARK...which
was a pretty good zinger if I recall. >g<  

>you know?).  And she has an attitude with a "male ego" attached. 

Nah, just the "fifth kid" syndrome.  If somebody hits you, hit'em back,
hard and low.  Come to think of it, Ti was probably the 10th kid in *his*
family. >g<

> Basically, I'm a Florida Gator, and she's from any other 
>Southern >State that happens to beat the Gators during that particular
year This year she's from Alabama, 

Hey, I've got an Alabama bean bag in my daughter's room that's old enough
to need duct tape.  That's enough proof to stand up in court.  

>I dream of riding the GERA 2000 classic, which I know will be the 
>first ride >I will do after my summer break

Howard, you've got to learn to think like an endurance rider.  What you
should have said was, "I dream of doing the GERA 2000 classic, which,
with luck, if my horse is sound, and an endangered species isn't
discovered in the creek, and I still have a truck that runs, knock on
wood, is a possibility for me in the fall.  We *know* nothing for sure. 
THAT I've learned to accept.

> I'm hunting for bear.  And my quarry is >Angie.  AS 
>GOD IS MY WITNESS (sorry) I'm gonna beat her one time before >I die. 
even though Angie won it last year. 

Dear Howard, you *are* going to be disappointed when you see how I
compete with good knees.  Have you ever read my story, "It ain't over
till I'M over?"  I'm *not* known for going fast.  I had knee surgery last
summer.  I was lucky to finish rides at all...I went out and went fast,
to get the heck off of the trail before the knee went out.  Now my other
knee is giving me fits.  I'm going tomorrow to see if the Dr. will
schedule surgery.  So, if you want to race me, it better be before this
sucker heals...cause as soon as I can enjoy a good posting motion, this
cantering stuff is over!  100's here I come, ahhhh 8mph. :-))

> Angie realizes I'm in for the long haul and says to me, "Shorty, >I'm
gonna kick it up a notch, so don't get in my way."

HA!  Out of 8 people in my immediate family, only one is over 5'4" (I'm
5') My dad was 5'4" and went to college on a basketball la short people (the more Arabs to fit us with)

>  Anyway, I'll just close this >paragraph by saying there are a few
riders I really do respect and >want to 
>beat on my 17 H non Arab horse, and Angie's on top of the list.

I should send you a photo of me on *my* first endurance horse...a "true"
16 hand App.  I gave up on him...tendon problems. Sound familiar?


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