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sddle Right

I recently purchased a saddle pad from a company called Saddle Right.  I
have not got to use it yet, just got it two days ago and have been too
busy to ride!  Anyhow, this pad was made by chiropractor/kinesologist and
payed more bucks for this pad than I normally pay for things such as
pads.  It looks very durable to me, is hand made - it is made from a
material that will not pack down in a lifetime, used by NASA is the
claim, has a lifetime guarantee.  It is supposed to keep pressure points
from basically not happening on a horse as much as possible. Anyone out
there have one?  Since it was pricey, I would appreciate some
encouragement so that I would sleep better nights (yeah I know, should
have posted this BEFORE I bought the pad).  Thank you.

Terri O. and 
Starlit  -mom why are you so obsessed with what we wear?
mom - Because the person who had you before put two large patches of
white hairs on your withers, dear, and I don't want that to ever happen
to you again.  

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