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Travel Help for XP2001

Hi there everyone....I am requesting help from anyone out there.   Forward
this to anyone you know that might be able to help.   I am looking for
boarding stables, fairgrounds, pastures for rent along the XP2001 Trail this
June and July.  Specifically the Sunday/Monday layovers.   Anyone within
reason along the route that could give any assistance would be greatly
appreciated.   To check out the trail, the ride or the route, or anything
else Karen Chaton has been able to come up with already, check out the
following sites:

Official web site of the ride....

the unofficial site with the links, useful stuff, the route with maps etc,
courtesy of Steph and Ridecamp is.......

Thank you ahead of time for all of your help.

Becky Hackworth
Coarsegold, CA

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