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Re: RC: Blankets vs. cooler

   You might want to trace clip her and then use an
antisweat sheet to aid in drying out where the saddle
was. These sheets are great for wicking away the
wetness and will stay on your horse when you turn her
out in the pen to munch hay. My antisweat sheet has
leg straps with swivel snaps so it stays on throught
ant movement the horse does. I also use mine for when
i trailer my horse in cold weather as they breath and
wick away any moisture. They are also pretty
reasonable in price, mine was under $50.


--- wrote:
> It has become apparent to me that if I plan to ride
> at all this winter, I 
> need a cooler or different blanket for my horse.  We
> are so out of shape (or 
> she has become anxious from being so herd-bound
> during her convalescence) 
> that she is sweating on short, easy rides.  [I'm not
> racing her home or 
> anything.  We walk as quietly as possible for the
> last mile before home or 
> the end of the trail.]  I do not feel comfortable
> putting Special into a 
> trailer or back out into the pasture even slightly
> damp.  At home, I have 
> been putting my elderly horse's blanket on Special
> and letting her eat hay in 
> a corral.  I check on her periodically until she's
> dry and then turn her out. 
>  However, this is ticking off the elderly mare who
> appears to resent sharing 
> her blanket.
> Before I invest in a blanket or cooler, I thought I
> would check for other 
> people's opinions on which is better for our
> situation.  I do not wish to 
> leave her blanketed all winter.  I do not wish to
> hand walk her dry, 
> particularly.  I had some concerns about turning a
> horse loose with a cooler 
> on because they don't look terribly secure to me and
> I was afraid Special 
> might get it tangled in her legs.  However, she does
> most of her sweating on 
> her neck, shoulders and under the saddle.  So, a
> blanket will not cover a big 
> portion of the area where she's wet.  Any thoughts
> out there?
> Rhonda and Special
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