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Conditioning locales in not-too-southeast in February

Good morning.

Much as I hate to digress from the heated Coggins and Horse Auction topics, 
I'm hoping for some help from our neighbors in the southeast.  

Hubby and I (with the new gooseneck LQ burning a whole in our driveway) would 
like to head south from western NY in February to do some pre-spring 
conditioning miles.  It takes us about 8-9 hours to get to Roanoke from here, 
but we'd be willing to travel a few extra hours to find a place we can camp, 
ride on some semi-decent footing trails, hang out with ponies and dogs.  
Water and electric hookups and stalls would be bonus.  Even thinking of 
squeezing in a 25 or slow 50 during that time . . .

Any suggestions?  You can email us privately at

Thank you in advance.  Now back to your regularly-scheduled programming.

--Patti Stedman (in East Otto, NY)

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