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Re: RC: What Goes On at the Horse Auctions (long)

At 11:21 AM 11/28/00, Susan V's friend wrote:
>I'm sorry to be so graphic, but everyone should know how truly
>awful these auctions are."  (KARE had very little money at this
>time, or Tonya would surely have rescued at least one of the

If KARE really cared about doing a good job, they didn't need lots of 
money, they could have simply bought some film and documented the condition 
of the animals, they could have been there with cameras and/or reliable 
witnesses, a law enforcement officer or even a newspaper reporter.  If they 
couldn't have done anything then, they should let the world know what's 
going on in a way that could be taken to a court of law.

Kare had very little money?  If KARE had money only one Thoroughbred - one 
that probably wasn't suffering - would have been "saved"?  Sorry but this 
is how I feel about rescuing individual animals: How does saving one horse 
out of hundreds help the other horses at that auction and auctions like it, 
how does it help all the future horses that go through those auctions?

I find it hard to believe that hitting livestock with barbed wire covered 
canes is legal.  I find it hard believe that it is legal for animals 
needing immediate veterinary care to be held like this without 
treatment.  If this kind of livestock handling is legal, then there needs 
to be laws dealing with it.  No way is anything described in that email 
"humane" treatment of animals.  What is upsetting to me about that email is 
that apparently nothing at all was done about the situation - sending 
emails out is passing the buck, not taking action.

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