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WAS Donna SS - Now AERC

The good thing about the "DSS minor incident" is that the BOD may get
to revisit this issue?  Not necessarily about DSS specifically, but
about the direction that Endurance News is taking and what role it
needs to function for AERC.  It did bring to my awareness that I know
little about how the board functions and what decisions have been
made and are about to be made.  I had a board member reply to one of my
RideCamp posts to watch how people vote on the BOD to measure how I
will vote for DAL.  I then asked him how I could find out how they vote,
Especially since I'm a relatively new member. No answer.  Maybe you 
have one for me.

I hope that the educational content of EN will expand.  Hopefully
someone will step up to the plate soon and contribute to fill that
void, because those articles are what I enjoy the most out of EN.
I spend some of my downtime this weekend to sort through all
my EN copies.  I will keep most of the educational articles and
toss the time sensitive material.  I DO refer back to these articles!

I would also like EN to be more of an "outreach" publication - both
in terms of reaching out to its current membership for decision-making
input, and to be available for interested non-members on a subscription
basis. This could only improve EN by increasing the circulation for the
vendors and getting the public interested in endurance.
The time sensitive issues are important, too!


>>This entire controversy is becoming quite interesting. >>....
It is time the membership took a true interest in the functioning of
organization. If they did there would be no complaints such as have been
expressed over the DSS minor incident.

Bob Morris>>

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