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Re: Feeding Toc

Lif wrote:

>If you're giving him a supplement for the vitamins, minerals and trace
elements, that's fine.  But that's not the same as the grain & fats - you're
giving him those for weight and energy  and there's the focus of the problem
seems to me!  I'm sure Sarah or Susan will give you more specific advice -
but Toc is giving you the loud and clear message that he's got too
much coming in for what he's putting out.<

I think you're right, but I'm not sure how much more I can cut his food down
by.  He gets 250 grams 2 x per day : and he doesn't always finish it,
either!  Problem is, if I were to STOP giving it to him, he'd sure as nuts
complain, and I need something to mix his vitamins and e-lytes with.


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