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RE: trailblazer

And this is the publication that many would like to see the AERC use as an
example for the business of the AERC News?


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<< I could not help but chuckle at Susan's comment about Trailblazer
 subscriptions.  I don't subscribe to Trailblazer because...some years
 (way back) ago, I sent in my form with a check...nothing
 happened...called then and "they never got it".  Sent them another
 subscription form and another check...never got an issue. Finanally,
 just gave up.  However, couple of months later they cashed both
 checks...have never yet got an issue! THAT'S OK...maybe they needed the
 money to pay Angie for her articles. :) Never tried again. >>

Just couldn't resist - I'm having the exact same problem.  I filled out a
little card for a subscription - waited months.... nothing.   Now I
re-submitted with a check, in early October.   Still nothing.  Boy,most
magazines can't WAIT to sign up new subscribers - what's with these guys??

pat farmer

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